Creating a brand manifesto also referred to as your brand’s purpose, is a hot topic in the world of branding and is one of the best strategies to differentiate your company from your competition. A brand manifesto is a declaration of your company’s vision (mission in the US) and values that serve as a guide for both current and prospective customers. In addition, it can be a motivating tool for employees and a persuasive marketing message that appeals to customers. We’ll look at some potent brand manifesto examples in this blog article, including Steve Jobs’, the Holstee, the North Face, and more. Continue reading to learn how you may incorporate these motivating brand manifesto examples into creating your distinctive brand manifesto or brand purpose to take your brand in the right direction. We are not talking about little things or new things; we are talking about an important thing. Brand Manifesto = Brand Purpose = Brand Vision + Brand Values  

Steve Jobs Brand Manifesto Example


Apple’s Mission Statement

Steve Jobs was an inspirational figure, some say one of the great leaders, who firmly felt that technology could transform people’s lives. His concise yet potent vision statement for Apple: “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” This statement embodied his passion and commitment to creating products that would revolutionise how we interact with technology, amplifying Apple’s branding efforts.  

The Status Quo of Apple

Before Steve Jobs took over as CEO, Apple was one of the great brands with financial and creative difficulties. However, he recognised the potential in the business and intended to make it more than simply another producer of computers by making it a thought leader and pioneer in its field.  

Steve Jobs’ Brand Manifesto

At the Macworld Expo in 1997, Steve Jobs announced his business manifesto, which stated his goals for turning Apple into a household name. The manifesto concentrated on three key ideas: invention, collaboration, and simplicity, all of which have come to represent Apple in the modern day. In addition, he stressed the significance of emphasising user experience over features and specifications while designing products, reasoning that doing so would establish an emotional bond between users and their gadgets. Steve Jobs’ vision inspired the world as a driving force for Apple; thus, it makes sense that other business owners have adopted his good manifesto example as a guide to success. Examining Holstee’s own set of manifesto examples, let’s see how they transformed their purpose statement into something extraordinary.   Key Thought: Steve Jobs’ business manifesto focused on three key points: simplicity, innovation and collaboration. He emphasised the importance of creating an emotional connection between customers and their devices by focusing on user experience rather than features or specs. This is the foundation for Apple’s success as a powerhouse brand in the tech industry.  

Holstee Manifesto Example

The company called Holstee makes lifestyle items emphasising social responsibility and sustainability. Their motto, “Live your life with intention” captures their guiding principles of living deliberately and making informed choices in our daily lives. The Holstee Manifesto below was written to assist individuals in making these choices by offering direction and inspiration for living a more conscious life. What a bold statement, written in an active voice.   brand manifesto examples   Top Talent Attraction with the Holstee Manifesto. Because it embodies the company’s principles and objectives, the Holstee Manifesto has been utilised as a recruiting tool to entice top talent to join their team. Potential employees can better understand the culture they would be joining if they choose to work at Holstee by reading their manifesto, which they could explain in a clear and succinct manner. This text also works well as a recruitment tool because it appeals to a wide range of people who have similar beliefs or have faced comparable difficulties that can be overcome by living deliberately in accordance with the manifesto’s ideas. The Holstee Manifesto can guide how one should spend their life while preserving the flexibility to choose how to pursue pleasure and fulfilment. Instead of blindly adhering to cultural norms or expectations without challenging them, it encourages people to seriously consider what matters most and then take action toward reaching those goals by setting intentions based on their personal views and aspirations. This manifesto has brought many people tremendous comfort since it gives individuals the direction they need when they feel like there is no hope or meaning in life anymore because they lack motivation or are trapped in a rut. This applies to one’s profession, relationships, and even spirituality; in all of these areas, having clear intentions can help restore balance to one’s daily routine so that progress can be accomplished despite any obstacles encountered along the way. Many people have been motivated to stand up for their goals and lead independent lives by the Holstee Manifesto.   Key Thought: The Holstee Manifesto is a powerful tool to help individuals live their lives with intention, providing clarity on pursuing happiness and fulfilment. It encourages deep reflection on what matters most, setting intentions based on personal beliefs and aspirations rather than societal norms or expectations.  

North Face Brand Manifesto Example


North Face’s Core Message

The company North Face takes pleasure in encouraging and facilitating adventure. Their main slogan, “Never Stop Exploring” inspires people to push themselves outside their comfort zones and take in all around them. Since the brand’s foundation in 1966, the concept of exploration has been at its core. The Motivator Behind North Face’s Brand Voice Authenticity is what motivates North Face’s brand voice. Instead of focusing exclusively on marketing initiatives or product placement, they put more emphasis on creating material that represents real-life experiences because they want their customers to be inspired by adventure and connected to the outdoors. The rallying cry of North Face is “Never Stop Exploring”. It serves as a call to action for all adventurers to join them in pushing the envelope and visiting uncharted territory. They want to encourage others to take risks and enjoy life’s journey no matter where it takes them by issuing this call to action. The North Face Brand Manifesto demonstrates how a company may engage consumers emotionally, inspire them to seek adventure and leave the world a better place. Let’s now look at how you might develop manifesto examples that will motivate your customer.   Key Thought: North Face’s brand voice is rooted in authenticity and adventure. Their rallying cry of “Never Stop Exploring” encourages customers to push boundaries, discover new places, and find joy in life’s journey. Key takeaways: – Authenticity – Adventure – Exploration – Joy  

Creating Your Own Brand Manifesto


Crafting a Great Brand Vision Statement

As a first step, a brand vision statement is essential to any successful business. It should be concise, clear and memorable, expressing your company’s purpose in a way that resonates with customers. When crafting your mission statement, start by asking yourself what you want to achieve with your business and why it matters. Next, think about how you can make a difference in people’s lives or solve their problems. Your mission statement should capture this sentiment while also conveying your company’s core values.  

Establishing a Good Brand Identity and Brand Image

Establishing a strong brand identity is key for businesses looking to stand out from the competition. This includes creating logos, slogans and other visuals that help define who you are as an organisation. It’s important to consider how these elements will be used across different mediums such as print materials, websites and social media platforms so they remain consistent throughout all channels. Additionally, developing an image that reflects the values of your business can help create an emotional connection with potential customers, leading to greater engagement and loyalty over time. Creating an Emotional Connection with Potential Customers: Creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers is essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace. To do this effectively requires understanding what makes them tick – their hopes, dreams, fears – so that messaging can be tailored to resonate emotionally rather than just providing facts or features about products/services being offered for sale. The best way could be to tell stories through content marketing initiatives like blog posts or a video manifesto highlighting customer experiences or running campaigns around causes close to their hearts, such as environmental protection or animal welfare efforts. Using video when crafting vision statements allows companies to communicate what they do and showcase why they exist, giving viewers insight into the heart and soul behind each organisation and helping build trust and credibility amongst potential customers. Furthermore, including testimonials from existing clients helps reinforce authenticity, further enhancing relationships between brands and audiences.   Key Thought: A successful brand mission statement should be concise, clear and memorable, conveying the purpose of your company and its core values. To create an emotional connection with potential customers, use storytelling to highlight customer experiences and run campaigns around causes they care about. Video can also be used to showcase why a company exists and include testimonials from existing clients.  

FAQs in Relation to Brand Manifesto Examples


What is a brand manifesto?

A brand manifesto is a statement of purpose that outlines an organisation’s core values, beliefs and goals. It is designed to be shared with customers, partners and employees to communicate the company’s mission and how it intends to achieve its objectives. A well-crafted brand manifesto should inspire people to take action in support of the company’s vision. It should also clarify what makes the business unique from its competitors and help guide decision-making within the organisation. Ultimately, a strong brand manifesto will serve as a rallying cry for everyone involved in bringing success to your business. Above, we discussed well-written brand manifesto examples.  

What should a brand manifesto include?

A brand manifesto should clearly articulate a business’s core values, purpose and vision. It should also define what makes it unique and how it will differentiate itself from competitors. Additionally, it should explain why customers should choose the company over others in its industry and provide guidance on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Finally, a brand manifesto must motivate employees to take action towards achieving success for the organisation. By doing so, businesses can create lasting relationships with their customers, resulting in long-term growth and success.  

What are the examples of a brand manifesto?

1. We believe that success is built on a strong foundation of brand strategy and execution. 2. Our mission is to empower business owners with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to grow their businesses and reach their goals. 3. We strive to provide an environment where creativity can flourish, innovation can be nurtured, and collaboration is encouraged. 4. We are committed to helping our clients build brands that stand out from the competition by leveraging the power of storytelling and design thinking principles to create meaningful connections with customers. 5. We value integrity above all else – we never cut corners or take shortcuts when it comes to delivering results for our clients; instead, we work hard every day towards achieving excellence in everything we do.  

What is an example of a manifesto for a company?

We believe that business owners have the power to create a lasting impact on their industry and community. We are here to provide them with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to succeed. Our brand strategy workshops, courses, and consulting services will help them identify their unique value proposition and build an effective marketing plan for long-term success. Through our expertise in brand building, we strive to empower entrepreneurs of all sizes with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their businesses future. We are dedicated to helping business owners reach their goals and make a lasting impact.  

What Are Some Brand Strategy Lessons that can be Learned from Brand Manifesto Examples?

Brand manifesto examples offer valuable brand strategy lessons. By studying these examples, marketers can uncover important insights into building strong brands. From Apple’s iconic Think Different to Nike’s inspiring Just Do It, these manifestos teach us how to create a compelling brand identity, communicate a clear mission, and engage with audiences authentically. By examining 12 lessons from brand strategy books, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of how to craft impactful brand manifestos that resonate with consumers and set brands apart from competitors.


A brand manifesto or purpose statement can be utilised to evoke an emotional response in potential clients, draw in top personnel, and give your team direction. You may learn how to create a strong brand manifesto that can help steer your company in the right way by examining the examples of popular firms like North Face, Steve Jobs, and Holstee. You can develop a distinctive brand manifesto that captures your key message and propels success for years to come with a bit of ingenuity, including the important element; your brand’s values.