Grow Your Business And Succeed Through The

Power Of Brand Building

Go from just another ordinary business to an authentic and differentiated brand,
with the proven scientific, but simplified, Brand for Success™

1. Clarify

your brand’s authentic differentiator

2. Focus

your team as brand

3. Align

your marketing
once and for all


Ineffective branding and brand strategy waste money, time and effort, which businesses can’t afford.

This is due to a lack of clarity about what authentically differentiates their brand, not turning employees into brand ambassadors and not aligning everything they do and communicate with their brand identity.

If the following is true for your brand, then we need to talk:

  • We may struggle to, on the spot, express in a brief and clear manner what we do, why we do it and for whom we do it.

  • We have not clarified which core associations should inform our communication.

  • We do not have consensus about our brand personality.

  • If I asked team members at random what differentiates our brand they probably won’t know,
    or I would get a variety of answers. This may even apply to management.

  • Not all employees can judge for themselves whether they are behaving on-brand or not,
    requiring involved management to achieve.

  • Our advertising is not as effective as we would like it to be.

  • Our sales funnels are not properly structured.

To grow your business and succeed apply the proven scientific, but simplified, 3-step


1. Clarify

your brand’s authentic differentiator

Let’s uncover your brand’s authentic differentiator through a collaborative strategic brand management process.

Guided by scientifically proven frameworks and theories, we uncover your brand’s authentic differentiator.

During Step 1, we develop the following for your brand:

brand mantra
brand essence
brand positioning
brand slogan
brand architecture
brand money statement, etc.

2. Focus

your team as
brand ambassadors

Then, through internal branding, we turn your team into brand ambassadors.

Co-creating your brand identity with your team and other stakeholders strengthens your authentic brand identity and fosters buy-in or ownership.

We align internal brand touchpoints with your authentic brand identity and get employees to be on-brand/ to live the brand.

Internal branding workshops, presentations, and other communication strategies can be employed.

We can even offer you an innovative app to gamify the learning to turn your team into brand ambassadors.

3. Align

your marketing
once and for all

All marketing communication is then aligned with your authentic brand identity.

During Step 3, your advertising, website, social media, sales funnel, etc., are aligned with your authentic brand identity.

A framework is put in place so your brand can be managed independently to align all brand communication permanently.


To benefit from the Brand for Success™ process Dr Pieter Steenkamp developed over many years of academic research and industry application, Brand for Success offers: the BfS Owner platform, a Brand for Success workshop and consultation.

Choose the option below that suits you best:

A laptop with a white screen.

Brand For Success™ Owner Platform

As a BfS Owner, you can go through the same process that is used for the private workshops but over an extended period.

In addition, there are application case studies, group coaching and a community of like-minded people on the BfS Owner platform.

Brand For Success™ Private Workshop
(live online and on-site)

Arrange a live private workshop where we focus exclusively on your brand for two days. Involve your team for greater acceptance and better results.

Imagine the benefits of your entire team having clarity about your brand to drive your business.

Brand For Success™ Consultation

Consultation is ideal if most of your brand mix elements are in place and you have clarity about what authentically differentiates your brand. You are more established, but something about your brand or brand building is not quite as you would like it to be.

We listen and enter the Brand For Success™ process where your challenge dictates.


More than 300 brand and strategic marketing projects completed

“Changing Graham Beck to a pure Cap Classique [sparkling wine] producer, we worked with different agencies to help us determine our positioning. However, understanding who we are and what we stand for was misinterpreted every time; until we started working with Pieter. He immediately ‘got it’ and was able to distil the brand’s essence into a successful positioning and slogan of “Celebrate What Matters”. We therefore, with the recent repositioning of our Steenberg brand, turned to Pieter directly with the same result; a deep understanding with an outstanding positioning outcome and slogan.” (with Datavision)

– Chris du Toit, CEO Graham Beck Enterprises

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