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How to create a brand strategy blueprint


This "how to create a brand strategy blueprint" will be helpful for both an established brand that you want to take to the next level and to establish a new brand as a small business owner. It’s no secret that having a strong, well-defined brand is essential for any business. But how do you go [...]

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Best Branding Companies For Startups


Branding is one of the most important aspects of business, especially for startups. You may be asking… why exactly is branding that important? Answer: A well-developed/strong brand helps differentiate your company. It’s what will make people sit up and go… Wow, this company knows what it is doing. When implementing a brand strategy, you aim [...]

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Grow Your Business With These 4 Brand Strategies!


As a business owner/leader or entrepreneur, are you looking to take your business to the next level? Well, it all starts with developing effective branding strategies. Knowing how to position your brand well and have a strong brand identity and awareness can help you reach new customers, increase your market share, and build customer loyalty. [...]

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Brand Strategy: Know What It Is


The world champion Springboks beat the Wallabies 24-8 in the second test down under in the Rugby Championship 2022 (and they won the fight!). Both teams would have devised a strategy to win by analysing their opponents in detail and knowing their own capabilities. The Springboks strategy proofed to be superior and/or their execution the [...]

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The Case For Brand Strategy


If your marketing is somewhat all over the place and your branding not as effective as it should be, then your brand strategy, or lack thereof, is probably the issue.   1 Idea – 1 Challenge – 1 Quote   Idea From Me   Brand vs marketing There was a vibrant and somewhat divisive discussion [...]

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Your Money Statement Should Guide All Branding


This is how to write your money statement.   1 Idea – 1 Challenge – 1 Quote   Idea From Me As part of your brand strategy session, you should clarify your Money Statement which is a single paragraph in this format: Money Statement = consumer problem(need/want/pain point) + your offer as the solution + [...]

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Consistent Yet Agile


Can a brand be consistent yet agile?   1 Idea – 1 Challenge – 1 Quote   Idea From Me Competitive advantage Competitive advantage is a key business strategy and is concerned with that which is difficult for competitors to emulate or overcome. Barriers to entry due to legislation and a cost advantage due to [...]

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Hope Is Not A Strategy


The cosmetics giant Revlon, established 90 years ago, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing huge debt and COVID-19 related reasons.   1 Idea – 1 Challenge – 1 Quote   1 Idea From Me   Hope is not a strategy Many years ago, my then GP remarked that the economy is the stage [...]

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