There is an underutilised brand element that you can use to trigger an emotional response from your consumers.  

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1 Idea From Me

When we think of brand elements the visual brand elements most likely dominate. These include the brand logo (symbol and/or text), colour(s), font and so on. But does your brand have a sound identity?

Sonic branding

Sound branding, sonic branding or an audio brand element entails using sound as an additional brand element layer to identify your brand. Most of us will probably recognise the McDonald’s “Parapapapa” tune or the sound of opening a Coca-Cola bottle or can, which is not unique to Coca-Cola but they now own it. Sound elicits feelings which are very powerful in branding. What feeling comes to mind when you think of the sound of drums – success or victory, maybe? And string music, trust?  

1 Challenge To You

Can your brand adopt a sound that your product makes in use? For example, a magazine brand could adopt the sound of flipping pages. Or can you develop a sound that will come to represent your brand? Tip: let the sound bring your brand’s personality to life – excitement, sophistication. Then, use your brand’s sound identity to announce your YouTube videos and so on. Can you now hear your brand?  

How Does Brand Awareness Impact Customer Perception?

Brand awareness and customer journey go hand in hand when it comes to shaping customer perception. The level of brand awareness influences how consumers perceive and engage with a brand throughout their customer journey. A strong brand presence creates trust, credibility, and loyalty, contributing to a positive perception. On the other hand, low brand awareness may result in customers doubting the brand’s value, impacting their perception and purchase decisions.

1 Quote

“Sonic branding – the strategic use of sound and music to build brands – is used to trigger emotional responses that helps consumers identify with the brand and build loyalty” – Joel Beckerman Share this on Twitter   Let’s BRAND FOR SUCCESS! Pieter Steenkamp, BrandDoctor   If you found this article helpful, just click here to tweet it or copy this link:   Meet Dr Pieter Steenkamp, your BRAND FOR SUCCESS guide. I am actually a brand doctor with a PhD in brand management from University of Stellenbosch Business School. As a brand management lecturer and researcher at a university in Cape Town South Africa and a visiting professor at universities in Germany, I stay up to date with the latest brand management developments. This affords me the incredible opportunity to consult with leaders of some of the most admired brands. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn Visit BrandDoctor site